A Little About Myself


My name is Angelica,

I am originally from Sweden (sorry no, I will not sound like an IKEA commercial) and have lived in Alberta most of my life. I am very grateful for this because had my family remained in Sweden I would not likely be doing what I am today. Sitting on the couch eating mini eggs and binge watching Game of Thrones on Crave.....Just Kidding ;). Providing Hoofcare for those that wish for an alternative approach to hoofcare.

March of 2009 is when the Barefoot bug bit me. A clinic with Lane Moore changed my mindset on hoofcare and the importance of it forever. "The hoof does what!?  Amazing!" Over the years my horses ended up being guinea pigs for my obsession which they endured with more grace than I did. Through relentless searches and trial and error, I pursued more knowledge on how to maintain healthy barefoot horses that could perform on any terrain. Among the searches was an Apprenticeship program based in Calgary that offered certification as a hoofcare practitioner. Hallelujah! I quit my job (much to the chagrin of my employer) and jumped into the program head first. Sub solar abscesses, dissections, rehab, founder, laminitis, navicular, all the things! Learning and seeing the results of changing a horse's diet, environment, and  trim, were nothing short of astounding. So simple yet sometimes the most challenging. "You mean what my horse eats will affect the quality of his/her/however they identify hooves and could even lead to pathology or be the key to reversing it!?", "Movement on properly functioning hooves is vital to circulation, synovial fluid production, and tissue development!?","Founder isn't a death sentence!?" *Mind.Blown*

Now I am on a crusade to consume as much knowledge as I can on how all the systems of the horse affect their overall health and encourage all horse owners to the same. Go forth and learn what creates a healthy horse, it is not normal for a horse to be lame, it is not normal for a horse's hooves to be cracked, it is not normal for them to have flares, be contracted, thrushy, or overall weak. These are indicators that something isn't computing as nature intended in the system. If something is not working after allowing it sufficient time, do something differently and also understand that everything needs to be working together, hooves, teeth, gut, muscles, bones, etc. 

Also, a bit of a shameless plug here, if anyone is looking for hoof boots, I do distribute Cavallo hoof boots. 

Happy Trails!!

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