What is Barefoot Hoofcare?

It is a whole horse based approach to hoofcare that forgoes the use of metal shoes in the pursuit of developing strong, healthy, durable feet. Hoof boots and pads can be used in the process when necessary to ensure comfort. It's focus is to provide the horse with the appropriate care so as to restore health to the body which in turn will cause the horse to build strong healthy hooves from the inside out. It is not enough to pull shoes and trim regularly, nor is a horse who has never had shoes necessarily better off. Keeping a horse sound encompasses having a horse appropriate diet, a movement based environment, an appropriate physiologically correct trim on a short enough cycle to maintain the appropriate form, as well as involving other professionals such as veterinarians, massage therapists, chiropractors, equine dentists etc. 


How Do We Grow A Better Hoof?



Movement Based

Proper functional movement is vital to building and maintaining strong healthy feet. Lack of movement can negatively impact circulation, bone structure, musculature, and stress levels.

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Low Carb/Starch High Fibre

The biggest factor in hoof health is diet. Not to take away from the importance of Lifestyle and Trimming. Diet is the foundation that lifestyle and trimming sit upon. No matter how often or how well the horse is trimmed, if they have an inappropriate diet their hooves will never reach their full potential.

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Promoting Function

Trimming is key in keeping the hoof balanced, and the hoof wall at an optimal height to prevent excess leverage and stress to all structures involved. Trim intervals will differ according to each individual horse's situation.

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