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Well going barefoot is great for pasture horses and recreational riding, but what about competitive horses? They can't possibly compete barefoot. Wrong. Here are some awesome examples of successful competitive barefoot horses.

The Soul of a Horse

Barefoot Horse

Do you have a successful barefoot horse? Share your Story, I'm always keen to learn of others' success!

On this page I will pass along links, articles, book recommendations, businesses, clinics and courses, and anything else pertinent to the equine. Anything from feeding to training and everything between.I will also recommend books that have really helped me in other areas of life, not just with horses.

If you have any recommendations that I haven't listed, shoot me an e-mail or hit me up on facebook with the info.

Horse Related Books/Videos:

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Paddock Paradise by Jaime Jackson

Who's Afraid of Founder by Hiltrud Strasser

Navicular No More by Hiltrud Strasser

Founder by Jaime Jackson

Feet First: Barefoot Performance and Hoof Rehabilitation by Nic Barker and Sarah Braithwaite


Evidence Based Horsemanship by Martin Black and Stephen Peters

Warwick Schiller Performance Horses online training videos

Buck the Movie

Anatomy and Physiology:

How Your Horse Moves by Gillian Higgins


Success With Horses

Paddock Paradise

The Naturally Healthy Horse

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Tomas Tesky

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Barefoot/natural horse keeping

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